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GRID RACING Digital Informeter Stock Cover - R34 Turbo

GRID RACING Digital Informeter Stock Cover - R34 Turbo

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1. Tachometer (rotation)
2. Speed ​​(vehicle speed)
3. Narrowband air-fuel ratio (*sensor required separately)
4. Oil pressure
5. Boost pressure
6. Water temperature
7. Voltage
8. Hydraulic temperature
9. EXT.temp
10. Gravity

  *The air-fuel ratio gauge is a narrowband type. It is not for the ECU setting. Only normal range measurements are possible. It is not possible to measure heavy fuel at full throttle.
  *Vehicle speed display has a slight time lag.

Parameter range:
- Speed ​​0-255Km/h or 0-255MPH
- RPM 0~12000rpm
- Hydraulic pressure 0~150PSI or 0~10BAR
- Boost pressure -15~45PSI or -1~3BAR
- Air-fuel ratio 20-10:1
- Oil temperature 0-150℃ or 0-300
- Water temperature 0-150℃ or 0-300
- Exhaust temperature 0-1,300℃ or 0-2400
- Voltage 10~16V
- 24-hour clock
- Speed ​​pulse 2, 4, 6, 8 pulse
- Free pulse: 1,274-16,562 pulses/km (equal to 2-26 pulses)
- Cylinder numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 (loop)

System setting:
1. Language setting (Japanese / English)
2. Setting the date
3. Time setting
4. Unit setting (BAR-PSI, KM/H-MPH, -℃)
5. LED setting (ON-OFF)
6. Set the backlight
7. Set the alarm value
8. Speed ​​calibration settings
9. Cylinder number setting (1-9)
10. Clear alarm setting

1. Display (with built-in MFD type cover)
2. Data Processing Unit (DPU)
3. Boost pipe
4. Exhaust Temperature Sensor
5. Connection wire bundle between display and DPU
6. Sensor connection wire bundle
7. Oil pressure sensor with wire plug
8. DPU installation panel
9. Air filter
10. T-fitting
11. Boost sensor
12. EXT.Sensor adapter
13. Water temperature sensor and oil temperature sensor
14. Mounting screws

*This product does not have a warning function and a Rev function by LED built-in DO909.
Only alarm warning sounds and gauge discoloration warnings are available.

  Alarm values ​​can be set for various meters.
  When the specified value is reached, the graph changes color, and an alarm sounds.
  The graph can be selected from 6-line meters, horizontal graph meters, 2-line, and 3-line meters.

Compatibility: (Scroll to see more)

*The listing compatibility is for JDM cars only.
SKYLINE R34 GT-Turbo (ER34)

*Product image for illustration purposes only. The actual product may vary.

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