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Blitz Racing Oil Filter - UNF3/4-16 80Dx70Hmm

Blitz Racing Oil Filter - UNF3/4-16 80Dx70Hmm

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Manufacturer Part#:

Stock Part#:

Type: B-2259
Diameter mm: 80
Height mm: 70
Bolt Size: UNF3/4-16
OEM Part Num:
- AY100-NS026
- AY100-NS007

Car Model Engine
Infinity Q45 G50 HG50 VH45DE 89/11-
Wing Road
WFY10 WFNY10 GA15DE 96/05-99/05
GLORIA Y32 PY32 PAY32 PBY32 VG20E VG30E VG30DE VG30DET 91/06-95/06
GLORIA PY33 VG30E 95/06-99/06
B14 EB14 FB14 FNB14 GA13DE GA15DE GA16DE 94/01-98/10
CIMA FGY32 FPY32 VH41DE VG30DET 91/08-96/06
CIMA FGDY32 FGNY32 VH41DE 91/08-96/06
Skyline HR33 ER33 ECR33 ENR33 RB20E RB25DE RB25DET 93/08-98/05
Skyline HR34 ER34 ENR34 RB20DE RB25DE RB25DET 98/05-98/11
Skyline GT-R BNR32 RB26DETT 89/08-95/01
Skyline GT-R BCNR33 RB26DETT 95/01-99/01
WHC34 WGC34 WGNC34 RB20DE 25DE 25DET 96/09-98/08
STAGEA WGNC34-KAI RB26DETT 97/11-98/08
CEDRIC Y32 PY32 PAY32 PBY32 VG20E VG30E VG30DE VG30DET 91/06-95/06
CEDRIC PY33 VG30E 95/06-99/06
LA31 LCA31 LNA31 EA31 RB20DE RB20DET RB25DE 92/05-94/08
Pulsar N14 EN14 FN14 FNN14 GA13DS GA15DS GA16DE 90/08-95/01
Pulsar EN15 FN15 FNN15 GA15DE GA16DE 95/01-
Fairlady Z Z32 GZ32 CZ32 HZ32 GCZ32 VG30DE 30DETT 89/07-02/07
U13 PU13 GA16DS KA24DE 91/09-96/01